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Panel Discussion: Rev Up Your Ops Career

Growth/Revenue Operations is still a relatively new function for many companies, so what are the career options for someone looking to progress up the GrowthOps ladder? What do companies look for in a GrowthOps leader? What skills and experience can help rev up your career growth? The Growth Ops Community is bringing together a panel of seasoned RevOps leaders and industry experts to weigh in on these questions.


–  Marcia Trask, Principal Analyst @ Forrester SiriusDecisions Marketing Operations Strategies

–  Ben Loeffler-Little, VP, Sales Strategy, Operations and Enablement @ Model N

–  Jerry Bonura, Senior Principal of RevOps Recruiting @ Twenty Pine


–  Melissa McCready, President, The Growth Ops Community, Rev Ops and Growth Advisor

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2021 q1 tgoc ggs

Hear about ABM 2.0 from Latané Conant

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