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Webinar Archive: Building a path to revenue in today’s martech madness

It’s time to stop talking about stacks and waving our tech around like trophies. Marketing-contributed revenue is already becoming a mandate. This gives Marketing Ops a clear path to the C-suite, but only if we can think beyond automation and become leaders in orchestrating revenue creation.

To walk that path requires targeting with precision, establishing trust, and moving at the speed of the customer. Which all hinges on having relevant, high-quality, timely data – AND on our ability to ACT on that data.

  • Join Jeff Siegel of Box and Kate Athmer of Integrate, for our August webinar. Watch the replay and learn:
  • How marketing ops leaders are reshaping their teams’ approaches to creating revenue-accountable organizations.
  • A no-BS assessment of the B2B marketing landscape and fresh ideas on where to focus
  • Examples of strategies that high performing B2B companies have mastered
  • A framework to take your revenue orchestration efforts to the next level, regardless of starting maturity
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