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Top Themes For Marketing Operational Excellence In 2018

Top Themes for Marketing Operational Excellence in 2018

What do the 90th Academy Awards, Super Bowl LII, and your 2018 Marketing/Marketing Operations strategic plan have in common? Before it’s over, there will be cheering and yelling, winners and losers, predictable outcomes and unforeseen upsets. At MOCCA, we are here to help you ensure that 2018 is an #IveGotThis year for you and your organization. As we canvassed MOCCA’s thought leaders and practitioners to finalize our 2018 plan, we identified three key themes across the hot topics. We will be providing you with more information and resources on these themes throughout the year in our newsletters, webinars, in-person events and social postings:

  • Future-proofing Disruption and Leaning-In to New Technologies: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, real-time results-based automation….truly heady stuff with great claims for the future. So what is a marketer or marketing operations manager to do now in 2018? Many organizations we spoke with are focusing 2018 on learning fundamentals of the technologies (including differences between AI-based algorithms), planning for pilot testing of emerging technologies that automate predictive and personalization, and identifying pros and cons of these capabilities for truly improving and automating the customer experience. Do you know how to answer the question from your colleagues on what you and your team are doing to with AI for organization?
  • Strategic Alignment Breadth and Depth: Marketing alignment has never had to be tighter across Sales, IT, and Finance organizations, as well as with external partners and internal partner managers. While Sales is still the voice of accounts, Marketing has to own its place as the organization with its finger on the pulse of the customer and represent the voice of the customer across the business. Service-level agreements, shared goals and anything else internally contractual in nature needs to stay customer-oriented for best practice decision-making. It’s January 2018, do you know where your CRO/CSO, CFO and CIO organizations stand in supporting or detracting from your plans and your organization?
  • Operational Excellence Efficiencies: It continues to be critical that Marketing and Marketing Operations teams free up time in standard operational procedures to invest in research, piloting and programmatically implementing new tools, processes and technologies. Never more than right now do marketing and revenue operations processes and services have to run as smooth as a precision machine, requiring fewer resources to free up the necessary people and budget for new initiatives and learning. Pop quiz: quickly draw a chart of where your budget and people resources are being invested for foundational/new investment programs, existing customers and new markets, and learning/development across the team? Are you ready to explain and defend them?

With the support of our new and long-term sponsors, we have been ramping up our content engine, webinar platform and best practices sharing programs. Here is to 2018 being your best year ever in marketing operational excellence!

Let us know other information and topics you want to see more of. Let’s plan to have you celebrate your best year yet for you and your organization.

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