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Refreshing MOCCA’s Content: Rethinking Our Content Strategy To Better Serve Our Members

Refreshing MOCCA’s Content: Rethinking our content strategy to better serve our members

With the recent MOCCA launch and rebrand we have created a new and improved website to reflect a more modern look-and-feel which has aimed to inspire and connect members and provide you with the knowledge and best practices you need to succeed in the marketing ops field. But why stop there…

The next phase in our rebrand is rethinking MOCCA’s current content. We’ve examined our current content strategy, we are challenging the old status quo, and we think you’ll like it!

Goals of Refreshed Content Strategy

  • Create content that is useful to your daily career and journey
  • Deliver fresh content on a regular cadence
  • Leverage internal knowledge from MOCCA members, board members and community
  • Strengthen member involvement through active member content contributions
  • Curate, share and partner with external experts to deliver rich research and valuable content

We are looking at new vehicles of content delivery to ensure you can easily and quickly access the latest news, educational articles and MOCCA feeds on our website but also while you’re on the go! We have recently launched a bi-monthly newsletter for MOCCA members (the MOCCA Roast) which will bring you all the latest member news and content straight to your inbox. In addition, we have refreshed our social groups on LinkedIn and will shortly be announcing a new Twitter Feed to allow members to connect, share and explore content to further strengthen your MOCCA relationships.

We are re-examining the frequency and duration of content to bring you more timely, more consumable content via our newsletter, blog posts and social media activity. We are strategically creating more share-worthy and shorter content pieces which will allow you to consume and engage with more valuable content during your busy schedules.

We are looking outside our community and are partnering with external experts in the space to bring in fresh new perspectives, research and topics. We will be sharing more third party core assets like surveys, research reports and articles from firms like Sirius Decisions and IDC Research, who are recognized Marketing Operations leaders in our space. We hope that these high quality content pieces and fresh new perspectives on Marketing Operations topics will better educate you and equip you with the necessary best practices to succeed.

Last but most definitely not least, we are engaging our most valuable assets, our MOCCA members. At MOCCA we are fortunate to have a great bench of experts inside our own community, and we can learn a lot from each other. Which is why we are striving to greater involve MOCCA members in the publishing and curation of content via our newsletter, blog and member spotlights. This way we can all get to know each other better and knowledge share inside our community.

New Types of Content

External Expert Research/ Content: Leverage external experts like Sirius Decisions and IDC Research in the space to bring you the best, brightest research reports, papers, articles and survey results so you are always one step ahead.

MOCCA branded content: Utilize the expertise inside the MOCCA community from board members, to MOCCA members to spotlight and knowledge share inside our community.

  • Biweekly newsletter: Keep members updated on latest useful articles, news and MOCCA events
  • Member spotlights: A MOCCA member will be randomly selected to be interviewed for the MOCCA newsletter so we can learn more about each member. Members spotlight will also share areas of expertise.
  • Blog: Feature letters from the MOCCA president, board members and members on areas of expertise and topics of interest.
  • Webinars: Engaging short consumable webinar videos brought to you by MOCCA. These webinars will rotate topics, speakers and focus areas. Members will have an opportunity to let us know what topics, speakers you want to hear from most!
  • LinkedIn: Connect members and share educational content and news
  • Twitter: Join in on the conversation to network with fellow MOCCA members, consume and share articles and content with the community
  • Events: Bring in third party speakers to discuss latest in marketing ops and network between members
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