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Meet Cecile Thirion: Modern Marketing Executive Driving Digital Transformation

Meet Cecile Thirion: Modern Marketing Executive Driving Digital Transformation

Cecile is a modern marketing executive, successful at scaling marketing programs from the ground-up and at building B2B marketing organizations. She is a Growth Marketing Mentor with GrowthX Academy and a mentor with the Refiners, a cross border start-up accelerator in San Francisco. Cecile received two 40 Under 40 awards in 2015: from Direct Marketing News (DMN) and by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. She is currently VP Marketing at Conduent.

Cecile is part of MOCCA Operational Board, responsible for Digital Events & Webinars.  She also has served as judge for the BMA National B2 Awards and the prestigious ANA BAA REGGIE Awards.

Where are you located in your organizational structure?

I run Marketing for Public Sector at Conduent, a $2.3B business unit. I oversee a global marketing team across several groups and I’m part of Conduent Marketing & Communication Leadership Team.

What is your career background?

I have a Master’s degree in Marketing and International Business. Interestingly, I decided early on in my career to spend some time in sales and account management to understand what a customer was.

It proved to serve me really well as sales & marketing alignment has never been so important in the era of the self-educated buyer and for account-based marketing programs. I also lived and worked on three continents which helped me be very successful in scaling global marketing programs.

Why is Marketing operations so important to you?

Whether you have a marketing operations team in your company or not, Marketing Operations is becoming more and more critical to any CMO ability to run a successful data-driven marketing organization. You need to stretch your comfort zone and get used to creating and implementing processes to make sophisticated marketing programs predictable, scalable and efficient.

Three years ago, I walked the talk and completed my Lean Six Sigma Certification on Optimizing the Lead Management Process, which was an eight-month project in partnership with sales. It was an unusual path but it was worth it as earned a lot of credibility as a result with Senior executives like COO, VP Operations and Chief of Staff.

What is the #1 thing you would recommend to people entering the Marketing Operations role?

Get different roles in various departments, not only in Marketing, work in Sales, Sales Operations, Customer Service or Finance etc. Having made a couple of lateral moves will prepare you to enter a Marketing Operations role as you interact with many stakeholders. Add strong project management skills and you’ll become the perfect Marketing Operations fit!

What is the best piece of career advice that you have received?

One of the best pieces of career advice I’ve ever received is “pick your battles”: you can’t have it all at the same time.

The more responsibilities you have in your company, the more decisions you’ll have to make. Don’t try to boil the ocean and disperse yourself in multiple directions; be laser-focused on areas where you can have an impact and where you have the support you need to be successful.

What advice would you have for young marketers?

Get out of the office, be curious, and have an explorer mind-set because you never know what you can learn, who you can meet, or where a good opportunity may come from.

What is your favorite quote or words to live by?

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.” –Seneca

If you have any ideas, suggestion for future webinars, twitter chats etc please connect with Cecile on twitter @CecileSF and/or on LinkedIn

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