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How To Get Started With Growth Ops?

How to get started with growth ops?

Home, sweet home!

We’ve been sheltered at home for some time now and don’t really notice anymore how functional it is to work from the comfort of our home. It’s functional because of great plumbing, heating, cooling… all working effectively together to create a great cozy experience!

Now think about growth ops and how it can be a very effective way to structure your team to drive scalable and efficient growth.

But, growth depends fundamentally on our in-house structure and how things are organized within our businesses. That’s how Heidi Bullock, CMO Tealium, helped us picture the value of growth ops and why it matters during our recent virtual event.

Most of you are asked to do more with less, isn’t it an opportunity to embrace change and growth ops? In this post, I detail some actionable steps from Heidi’s presentation to help you get started.

What is growth ops?

Heidi offers this definition:

What’s key here is to have that customer-centric approach to make it work. And never before have we been under so much pressure to create great customer experiences… Think about your last Amazon seamless purchase!

We are all customers, all buyers. It doesn’t matter if you’re in #B2B or #B2C, all of us have high standards and expectations. @HeidiBullock via @GrowthOpsCom #TGOC Click To Tweet

“Customer experience is really going to be the key differentiator, and it all ties back to having great data and a great unified team.” Heidi adds.

Why does it matter?

First, people silos – there isn’t generally one cohesive team. Each sales, marketing, customer success team has its own VP/Lead, its own ops team, and its own goals. With a growth ops organization (often reporting to a CRO), you get more clarity and share the same goals, data, and systems.

Then silos increase process complexity (data, tech, priorities): each team has a way of collecting data, reporting on metrics, and using technologies. On top of that, there’s a tool overlap and a lot of inefficiencies. The result: people waste significant time trying to consolidate and get aligned towards a single view of the customer.

Finally, you end up with what Heidi calls a “crazy stack”! People buy tools that don’t talk to each other and it’s not cost-effective for your business. Are you using all the technology you have? Probably not.

The value of a growth ops team

Growth ops teams that are successful at generating sustainable growth throughout the entire customer journey and lifecycle have three things in common:

  • a single source of truth: customer data
  • shared processes across their global team
  • good communication

Nine considerations that will make or break your growth ops approach

When you have your common elements established, build these nine considerations into your approach:

  1. Define and communicate vision: ie. clear roles and responsibilities, goals, and metrics. And don’t forget to document and share the whole process to create a strong alignment!
  2. Focus on the customer by having an efficient way of collecting all of the information shared across the business.
  3. Have the right data strategy and create a single source of truth for each customer. You need the right #data #strategy to deliver the right #customer #experience. Poor data = poor experience @HeidiBullock via @GrowthOpsCom #TGOC Click To Tweet
  4. Clear Ownership and Handoffs: who owns what and is responsible for addressing certain requests.
  5. Structure your team by function: for example, organize it by insights, operations and enablement.
  6. Plan initiatives for the team with timing: breakdown your projects in different phases with a timeline and set of expectations
  7. Communication: communicate, communicate! From the beginning of your growth ops approach, then on a weekly and ongoing basis.
  8. Planning for scale which can be done with documentation on how things work. Another option to consider is internal certifications.
  9. Have some common metrics in place!

Ready to embrace growth ops? The insights in this post should help you lead your organization into the right direction. And remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, any small step you take to drive change is a great step towards your success.

If you need any help, you’re at the right place with our Growth Ops Community! Join our slack channel to engage and share best practices with like-minded people like you.

Here’s the link to watch Heidi’s talk: 

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