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Around The Web: The Marketing Content We’re Reading

Around the Web: The Marketing Content We’re Reading

May Day, May Day! The topic we’ve all been talking about (GDPR) goes into effect on May 25, 2018. Hopefully, you read the advice and put the internal teams into action. Here’s the marketing content that the MOCCA team is reading.

Forrester’s Lori Wizdo on GDPR

OK, so you might not be prepared for GDPR after all, at least according to Forrester analyst Lori Wizdo. In her role at Forrester, Wizdo speaks to a lot of B2B marketing practitioners.

From interviews and inquiries, she finds that “many B2B marketers don’t think the regulation is a relevant concern because they think the GDPR doesn’t apply to business marketers; others believe the data they collect and process isn’t in scope.”

Read Lori’s post on the Forrester blog.

Monitoring and Measuring Your Content’s Performance

If your boss asked, “What’s the ROI of all content produced last quarter,” could you provide an answer right away? If you’re like many marketers, you’d respond that the answer will be ready shortly, then scurry down the hall to your content marketer or marketing ops manager.

Jodi Harris from Content Marketing Institute published a useful guide: Jodi helps you decide what to track, how to inventory your assets, how to build a metrics dashboard and more.

Read Jodi’s article, then get to measuring.

Spring Cleaning for Your Digital Marketing

When we’re so focused on this week’s campaign or this quarter’s results, it can be hard to take a step back and see the bigger picture. It’s similar to your house, apartment or yard: clutter builds up and when Spring rolls around, it’s hard to believe the mess you’ve left 😆

MDG Advertising assembled a useful infographic to help digital marketers perform spring cleaning. It covers social networks, data clean-up, implementing marketing attribution and more.

View the infographic at MDG Advertising’s blog.

Marketing Performance Management

We came across a thought-provoking post by Laura Patterson of VisionEdge Marketing.

Financial management, according to Laura, is about managing to a budget. On the

other hand, performance management “includes the entire process: from establishing performance targets, to developing and implementing the plan, to reporting performance to the plan and the financial targets.”

By shifting from financial management to performance management, you prioritize results and accountability over budget and productivity.

Read Laura’s post to learn more.

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